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Homicide Home Page
Home Page
Homicide Crime Scene
Crime Scene
Homicide Victim
Homicide Victim
Scene from Homicide Episode 1
Interview Sequence
Scene from Homicide Episode 2
Detective LZ
Homicide Fight Scene
Fight Scene
project: Homicide Second Shift
web site design

Using the existing structure of the popular TV drama Homicide, NBC Interactive created a 'second shift' of characters and plot lines exclusively for the web. The narrative was presented in a format similar to that of an interactive comic book.

This online drama featured actors such as Allison Janney (The West Wing), Joe Grifasi (Moonstruck) and Murphy Guyer (Oz), as well as cross-over appearances from members of the television cast such as Reed Diamond as Detective Kellerman. All the characters were shot in the studio and placed into the Homicide set using Photoshop.

The site met with much critical acclaim and, in 1998, won an Invision Award for best overall site design. Three years after its launch, the site remains one of the most successful experiments in interactive narrative on the web.

The first two episodes, "Arrested Desire" and "Last Dance" were photographed, illustrated and designed by Stephen Jablonsky of Imaginary Studio.